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What Is an Intake Specialist?

An Intake Specialist, also known as an Intake Coordinator, helps patients with their administrative needs in a medical office. They are the first person a patient speaks with when making an appointment. Their role involves gathering information about the individual visiting the clinic and directing them to where they need to go.

What Is an Intake Specialist Responsible For?

Their major responsibilities include collecting a patient’s medical history and insurance coverage and then entering that information in their workplace’s records system. They must keep this current and accurate. This data also allows their clinic to bill patients.

Intake Specialists also direct people to the office or facility where their appointment is located.

Besides patient interaction, an Intake Specialist may speak to the individual’s family to get more information about them. They may also organize patient appointments for clinicians.

On the job, an Intake Specialist can expect to:

  • Welcome patients and other visitors to their office.
  • Obtain the patient’s medical information.
  • Speak to the individual about their reason for making an appointment and their medical needs.
  • Add the person’s information into their system, accurately.
  • Follow HIPAA guidelines to ensure a patient’s medical privacy.
  • Show patients where they need to go.

Where Does an Intake Specialist Work?

There are a variety of industries that hire Intake Specialists. On the medical side, they are often working within a hospital, clinic, mental health facility, or social services agency. Outside of medicine, they may also be employed in a law office.

What Other Career Options Are Available to an Intake Specialist?

The administrative and organizational skills required of an Intake Specialist can translate to a variety of career options.

An Intake Specialist can expect to find a career in the following areas:

  • Healthcare Administrative Assistant: These medical professionals are responsible for administrative tasks, such as helping patients fill out their intake forms or greeting visitors.
  • Case Manager: When a patient requires an extensive treatment plan, a Case Manager comes into play. They are responsible for organizing and coordinating their patients’ healthcare needs.

What Degree Is Required to Become an Intake Specialist? What Do They Study?

The degree requirements for Intake Specialists greatly vary depending on their workplace. Some Intake Specialists work for companies that only ask for an associate degree or a certificate. Others may be required to be a registered nursing or a licensed clinical social worker — meaning a bachelor’s degree and extra certifications after graduating.

What Skills are Required for an Intake Specialist?

Because of much of their day involves speaking with people, Intake Specialists must be excellent communicators. They need to have high attention to detail to ensure they’re accurately entering medical information. These specialists also need to be compassionate, empathetic people since they’re the organization’s first point of contact for patients.

How Much Money Does an Intake Specialist Earn?

On the lower end, Intake Specialists earn about $30,000 annually. If they have a qualification, such as being a registered nurse, their salary would be higher — $40,000-$50,000.

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Intake Specialist - Housing and Essential Needs Program (HEN) Catholic Community Services of Western Washington Seattle, Washington US 02/27/2022
Overview$19.48+ DOE. This is a full-time position with medical, dental, and vision insurance and geneorus paid leave. Locations Seattle and KentPROGRAM DESCRIPTION:Housing and Essential Needs is a statewide program and Catholic Community Services has contracted with King County to implement and deliver the prevention services locally. DSHS clients deemed eligible by DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) to receive prevention ... More
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